AngelBase™ Phase 5

Sacred Venture Investment™ Offering

The video above explains the AngelBase Sacred Venture Investment opportunity. The video below explains how Sacred Venture Investments work. Please watch both videos before investing.

The sacred investment offering announced in the above videos and on this website is made EXCLUSIVELY to Angel members of The Legacy of the Angeles ("LOTA"), who are NOT viewing this website from Illinois, Michigan or any other jurisdiction where government registration would be required for sacred investments. Angel membership in LOTA is free but requires signing a spiritual vow on a paper form we will provide.

If you are potentially interested in membership or in investing, please email your name and mailing address to us at and request that we mail you (via U.S. Mail) the Angel Membership and Sacred Investment forms. However, we cannot mail the forms to any address in Illinois or Michigan.

LOTA is a spiritual organization whose goal is to eliminate needless human suffering worldwide by replacing the existing "legacy of darkness" that largely controls our civilization today with a new Legacy of Light. AngelBase is being developed, financed and will be marketed by AngelBase Resonant Information Systems Corporation Sole, which is an integrated auxiliary of LOTA.

God bless you!
Mark Laurence Donald Emerson, Chief Angel