AngelBase™ Phase 5

Sacred Venture Investment™ Offering

After 22 years, an AngelBase prototype is finally working! We will have a booth and give talks on AngelBase at the Conscious Life Expo, Feb 7-9, 2014, in Los Angeles, at the LAX Hilton. At the Expo, we will launch Sacred Venture Investments™ in AngelBase Phase 5, to raise $3 million to develop the prototype into a family of products and to market them worldwide.

The AngelBase prototype will NOT be demonstrated at the Expo. We will post our schedule of live demos on this website soon. Attending a demo will require signing a non-disclosure agreement.

The video above explains the AngelBase Sacred Venture Investment opportunity. The video below explains how Sacred Venture Investments work. Please watch both videos before investing.

This website is not yet set up for online investing, but will be soon. Investments will be available in California (where the Expo is), but will be unavailable in some other U.S. States (which will be listed here) due to provisions in charitable solicitation laws in those states.

God bless you!
Mark Laurence Donald Emerson, Chief Angel